Hello I’m Nick. I’m a 25 year old from Maine. I’m a pretty big sports fan, football is my big passion. Love my Kansas City Chiefs. But I also enjoy watching, reading and writing about baseball particularly prospects which was the original reason for the blog. I just started following baseball roughly 5 years ago when I got into fantasy sports which drove my interest in prospects because knowing about he next big time player or who might turn out to be a bust is a big deal.

I’ve always kinda been into the of handicapping games at first I think like anyone else it was just sort of random thought oh team a is better than team b but last year I took that a step further and learned about statistical handicapping to help predict who should win a game. Over the NFL’s offseason I learned even more to include the point spread and eliminated some of the wasteful stats. All this work is part of my goal to be one of the few legitimate handicappers left. All my picks are monitored starting this year so you can verify my results I tend to post them around the same time as my picks on this site which happens on Thursdays. I’m going to part with a piece of advice for capper and a piece for betters. For handicappers get monitored nothing says follow me like a proven, verifiable track record. For bettors it’s simple don’t look for quick score it almost always ends in you going broke.

I’m not affiliated with any sports books. Do not place or take any bets from readers. And I’m not responsible for what you do with what you read here, however please be responsible. Gambling can be addicting and harm you life beyond repair, and be aware of your governing laws and regulations in terms of gambling. Best of luck.