Indianapolis Colts: Andrew Luck
The Colts are currently winning the suck for Luck sweepstakes both in real life and according to my power rankings. Luck despite getting some criticism lately in my mind is the best quarterback to enter the draft since current Colt Peyton Manning with the new rookie wage system I don’t see holding onto Luck and Manning as a problem financially question some might have is doing so would limit the chance of giving Manning help now to make a championship push.

St. Louis Rams: Matt Kalil
The Rams blew up their coaching staff but still have a very talented signal caller despite taking a step back in 2011. One of the problems is Bradford has little help and now been through 2 offensive coordinators in as many years. For his and the Rams sake some continuity will go along way as will having a pro bowl type talent at left tackle in Matt Kalil.

Minnesota Vikings: Morris Claibourne
It’s not that I think Claibourne is the 3rd best player in the draft though you could make the argument that he isn’t far away its just he fits what the Vikings need more than any other top player. Don’t be surprised if someone tries to trade up here and get the talented Robert Griffin.

Cleveland Browns: Robbert Griffin III
Now with Griffin entering the draft he I will throw him in here. This pick makes plenty of sense for a team that needs to find a replacement for Colt McCoy and has another 1st round pick so it can continue to build its team.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Justin Blackmon
This year was a disappoint one for a team that had thoughts of playoffs before the season began. Josh Freeman has enough talent to put the quarterback debate aside if no coaching changes and perhaps even if there is one. Blackmon would give him a good target.

Washington Redskins: Dre Kirkpattrick
Washington is one of the teams that are hurt by Barkley and Jones returning to their respective colleges. Kirkpattrick would help boost the Redskins defensive backfield.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Kendall Wright
Jacksonville simply needs some weapons if last years first round selection Blane Gabbert is going to make it. Another option could be Martin to help protect him.

Carolina Panthers: Quentin Couples
Adding another pass rusher in Carolina could go a long way in helping them build their defense up for the future with the offense not having to many huge needs the defense should be targeted first unless a major talent falls.

Miami Dolphins: Jonathan Martin
I’ve read some people who think Martin is the best tackle in the draft while I disagree with the statement he sure isn’t no chump and to me is the 2nd best so throw him on the right side opposite Jake Long and you have a good replacement if injury occurs and if not you have good tackles for Matt Moore or whoever is throwing the rock in Miami.

Buffalo Bills: Reily Reiff
The Bills had a revolving door on the offensive line this season and thankfully for them Ryan Fitzpattrick is very athletic or their sacks given up would have been much higher. Buffalo could opt for a defensive player or wide receiver as well.

Kansas City Chiefs: David DeCastro
Kansas City is in a pretty good spot considering the talent they have coming back from injury in 2012. DeCastro isn’t exactly a huge need but getting him to mold into the future guard can’t hurt can it? The Chiefs will likely attempt to trade down from this position if not they will take the highest player on their board I think that player will be David DeCastro.

Seattle Seahawks: Ryan Tannehill
Seattle is actually in a pretty good spot if they’d like to move up and try to get Robbert Griffen they aren’t to far away or they could sit still take Tannehill or their highest rated player. A front 7 player would be my next choice

Arizona Cardinals: Micheal Floyd
Floyd is a pretty big mover but if you’ve read my notes you know I believe in his talents it’s the red flags that I think may cost him some positioning. Arizona obviously could use an option opposite all pro Larry Fitzgerald. Offensive line and linebacker are the other two top and perhaps even more pressing needs but Floyd’s talents will be too much to pass on.

Dallas Cowboys: Devon Still
Last year it was brought up that the Cowboys really liked Jj Watt but needed the offensive line help that Tyron Smith was brought in. Well even though I like Watt I think they made the right move for them as Smith graded out very well playing right tackle in fact might be moved to left tackle next year. This year they have a chance to get Still who isn’t on Watt’s level in my mind but isn’t very far off.

Philadelphia Eagles: Luke Kuechly
Another team in very good shape entering next year will be the Eagles they obviously have plenty of talent linebacker and offensive line are the main concerns with wide receiver being the next with the likely departure of DeShan Jackson. Kuechly is the top linebacker in my mind but who knows what Andy Reid will do.

New York Jets: Courtney Upshaw
Isn’t this pick supposed to be at least twice as high like in the late 20’s to 30’s? Well it’s not a typo Rex Ryan wrote checks he can’t cash again this year. Upshaw is a great fit for the 3-4 scheme as he played in it at Alabama under Nick Saban.

Cincinnati Bengals from Oakland: Trent Richardson
The Bengals in this scenario would be able to add Richardson who unlike most I don’t think he’s going in the top 5-10. That’s no disrespect to him he is one of the better if not best backs to come into the league since Adrian Peterson. The Bengals may lose Cedric Benson which wouldn’t be a huge loss as last season he averaged only 3.9 yards per carry.

San Diego Chargers: Nick Perry
Perry is ranked 14th on Wes Buntings big board. So this pick is about right even a bit of value and fills a need. The Chargers have elite talent in most areas, linebacker however is an area where they could use an upgrade.

Chicago Bears: Melvin Ingram
Melvin is a very versatile defensive player out of the toughest division in the NCAA the SEC. It’s a bit of a different position putting Ingram to the Bears but they could use some youth at the defensive linemen position as Israel Idonije is a 31 year old free agent and Julius Peppers turns 32 in a couple of weeks.

Tennessee Titans: Cordy Glenn
Glenn who is a monster of a man might be considered a reach at this spot but considering he is versatile I wouldn’t be shocked if someone falls in love with his size/ and ability to move him around. The Titans could use some help out front to open up holes for Chris Johnson.

Cincinnati Bengals: Alfonzo Dennard
Dennard possibly would have been the pick at 17 but when Richardson fell it was to big of a talent to pass on. Lucky for the Bengals Alfonzo falls to Cincinnati 4 picks later.

Cleveland Browns from Atlanta: Alshon Jeffery
The Browns desperately need a play maker at wide receiver no matter if the first pick I gave them is Griffin or not they need to address the wideout position someone and early in the draft. Wright has been rumoured to possibly be ranked high than some of the other WR’s in this years draft class I like him here to par with his teammate from Baylor.

Detroit Lions: Mike Adams
The Lions have shocked me and the draft experts for years not selecting an offensive linemen in the first round. Now they have a strong core and outside of corner not a ton of needs beside the o-line.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Vontaze Burfict
Going to stick with Burfict to the Steelers though in the playoffs it was obvious the Steelers need an upgrade at corner as they made Tim Tebow look like lesser version of Tom Brady. And of course an offesensive linemen is always going to be a popular choice. Burfict’s talent though makes this pick of a pretty good value.

Denver Broncos: Dwayne Allen
The NFL has become a league where the tight end is a huge weapon and Allen is one of the 3 tight ends I really like in this draft. Allen will become Tim Tebow’s new best friend.

Houston Texans: Dontari Poe
Houston’s 2 biggest needs are corner and nose tackle. Poe can step in and be the next good big nose tackle in the NFL. Poe looks to be the top tackle in the draft now.

New England Patriots from New Orleans: Janoris Jenkins
I know what some readers will say 1 this is a bit late for Jenkins and 2 he isn’t the typical Patriot type selection. But my argument against that will be will his off the field issues make him drop in the draft some? And if they do to this extent the Patriots would be crazy to not take a look when they have plenty of a need at corner opposite McCourty.

Green Bay Packers: Jared Crick
A 3-4 de who is currently injured but with plenty of tape scouts will be able to evlaute if if he will fit their needs. The Pack don’t really have any needs but some defensive help couldn’t hurt could it?

Baltimore Ravens: Mark Baron
If I’m going off the Wes Bunting big board Baron is the 2nd best player remaining behind Peter Konz who I just couldn’t find a good spot for in this mock so far. Baron would be able to learn for a few years behind one of the best safeties in the league and then be able to step into one of the better defensive units once he retires or starts to slow down.

San Francisco 49ers: Stephen Gilmore
Gilmore would upgrade one of the positions San Fran could use.

New York Giants: Peter Konz
The Giants could use Konz who somehow I have falling in the draft and this isn’t because of him just couldn’t find a need like I said in the Baltimore write up Konz has middle of the first round talent. Peter is the top remaining talent left and fits a need for New York.

New England Patriots: Fletcher Cox
The Patriots don’t have to many needs and Cox could help provide some versatility with their fronts being a strong 3-4 DE and move inside if they wanted to shift a 4-3 pairing him with Vince Wilfork in that front would make it very tough to run against.